New Users

Welcome to the Parnassus Center for Advanced Technologies!

New Users Summary Checklist

If unsure about the potential of PCAT technologies for your project, schedule a consultation with the Core staff.

1. Get your PCAT account setup.  Acknowledge the facility policies and instrument procedures.

2. Obtain training as appropriate.

3. Email the Equipment Contacts list on each instrumentation page, or the PCAT admin to confirm your training status for the specific instrument.

4. Obtain PCAT 10th floor keycard access.

5. Schedule self-use instruments at the PCAT site by logging into the site and visiting the instrument page.

6. Leave the instrument and workspace area cleaner than you found it.

7. Report any instrument Issues to the PCAT admin.

8. If you publish with any of our instruments and services, please acknowledge the PCAT and inform us.

See below for details

New users of PCAT are required to create an account to access the instrumentation calendaring system.  Most instruments are self-use but users must be appropriately trained for many instruments. To keep the PCAT accessible to you, please acknowledge the facility policies and instrument procedures

*** Please be aware there are certain limitations and new guidelines due to COVID-19 pandemic. Please visit our for the latest information regarding the guidelines and support during the COVID-19 pandemic .

Set up your PCAT Account

You must have an PCAT account before signing up for instruments or utilizing services in the Parnassus Center for Advanced Technologies. Click HERE to Sign Up for an account; the PCAT Manager will approve your account and you will receive a notification that it has been approved.

Schedule Instruments

Within each instrument page, schedule instruments using the calendaring system.  If you do not see a calendar, the instrument does not require scheduling. 

Training is required for all self-use instruments

New users of the PCAT who expect to operate any of the self-use equipment are required to go through training, or show their proficiency, before scheduling any self-use session. Contact the PCAT manager and each equipment page lists the Equipment Contacts if you are looking for specific training/guidance. Your permission level will be updated after you have been trained on that specific instrument. 

Obtain Keycard Access to the Facilities

You will need to request access to the facilities where the instruments are located. Please contact your HR liaison to request HSW10 access through the Hitachi system-- referencing PHSW10.

See and Review our Rules and Scheduling Policies

The PCAT is a shared instrument facility. The embedded instrumentation belongs to users who generously share their instruments for community members.  Please read through and review and acknowledge the facility policies and instrument procedures


The Diabetes Research Center (DRC) may subsidize the cost for DRC members and financially supports project development for all users. Please inform us if you publish using data obtained from our facility. Your publications help support our center grant which assists in keeping the Parnassus Center for Advanced Technologies running. Please acknowledge DRC Center Grant NIH P30 DK063720.