Support During Covid

The PCAT is a shared facility with many different users visiting from different labs and campuses.  Use of the PCAT facilities requires that you follow UCSF’s policies and guidance. These policies were developed to to keep staff and all users safe

As you may be aware UCSF has updated the mandate on Masking/Face Covering. PFCC’s guidelines align with the institutional recommendations. Everyone – regardless of vaccination status – must wear a mask or face covering at all indoor locations at UCSFthis includes the PCAT, exceptions are while eating and drinking outside of the lab space.

It’s important to us that you feel safe and comfortable working in the PCAT space.  Be compassionate and respectful of other users and maintain social distancing whenever reasonably possible. Please be reminded that the PCAT is BSL2 space and the use of PPE (lab coat and gloves) is required.