Celligen Bioreactors

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The New Brunswick CelliGen is a benchtop bioreactor that combines all the convenience of single-use technology with the trusted performance, advanced process management and scalability of a stirred-tank design, making it ideal for research through production.  It is designed for high-density cell culture in research or production applications, with a rigid-walled, single-use stirred-tank vessel for proven performance and scalability. The disposable vessels basically eliminates vessel autoclaving and cleaning.  You can use a packed-bed vessel: first single-use vessel to feature proprietary New Brunswick Fibra-Cel® and packedbed impeller. Other features intuitive New Brunswick RPC control software and touchscreen interface, non-invasive pH and DO technology, and seven additional analog input/output connections for local integration of ancillary equipment. This is compatible with DASware Software Suite or BioCommand for bioprocess information management.